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    Posting (mostly dumb) card name ideas

    Lich slap – Spell (bitch slap)

    Purrfect storm – Spell, cat themed

    The Cat-alyst – Treasure or Wizard (Ongoing?), cat themed

    The Excercist – Wizard, The Exorcist reference + excercise (give him a gym theme)

    Alpha Kenny body – funny to say (I’ll fuck anybody)

    Pot of gold – Treasure, golden weed plant

    Monster in the closet – Creature, gay joke

    Manbearpig – Creature, South park reference, half man, half bear, half pig, maybe change the animals for IP reasons

    Tower of Babel – Location, a tower made of hot babes

    No more violins – Spell or Treasure, defense card (no more violence)

    Solid snake – Creature, Metal gear reference, penis joke

    Family jewels – Treasure, testicles

    Char Mender – Wizard or Creature, healing card, Pokemon reference

    Lockness Monster – Treasure or Creature, a mimic that looks lika a chest with lots locks, defense card? (Loch Ness monster)

    Cory Jones

    Lich Slap is going in for sure…


    bowelus excretus ahloverus – spell


    some more ideas I thought of at work

    Down under – Location, Hell and Australia, the card art could be upside-down

    Drop bears – Creature, Australians joke that they have bears that live in treetops that drop on you to eat your face (koalas)

    Bad news bears – Spell?, just a phrase

    Devil’s Advocate – Wizard, lawyer

    Cease and decease – Spell, Defense?, cease and desist + decease

    Moritorium – Spell or Treasure, Defense?, moratorium + mori

    Skeleton crew – Creature, just a phrase

    Run to your mummy or Beg for your mummy – mummy instead of mommy

    Djinius – Wizard, djin + genius

    Your mom – Creature, yo momma joke

    Blast from the past – Spell

    Crying bald man – Wizard, dick joke


    Been looking for a place to post ideas for new wizards.

    My idea for a wizard is Hardy, the Head Hydra. He’s a hydra with multiple penis-looking necks. Not sure what his familiar would be however. Someone help me out with that one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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