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    I’ve recently bought the digital versions of Root and Wingspan on Steam and it’s a really good experience to be able to play the game anytime you want with strangers online. IRL friends aren’t always available and using the Tabletop simulator version seems like too much hassle.

    It would be really nice if an actual digital version of the game was developed and I think the game’s mechanics wouldn’t be that hard to program. It doesn’t have to be polished, just playable.

    Hosting the servers for the game might be expensive though, so maybe it would have to be community hosted? If the tools for setting up a game were simple enough to use, I’m sure some people would be willing to run it themselves.

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    It’s not official but there is mods available for this game on tabletop simulator.

    Feel free to add me on there, my surname is the same as on here.



    I know that somebody imported all of the assets from A1, A2 and A:GB into TTS and I’ve tried them out just by myself. TTs in general just seems tricky to use and I wouldn’t want to bother with it. A purpose-built game would be the way to go.

    I’ve looked around Unreal Engine and Unity’s libraries for card game templates to see if I could just make one by inputing all of the card values and importing the art with minimal programming, but it looks like every one of those templates assumes you are making a 1v1 card game like Hearthstone. So there aren’t any for 3 or more players.

    My programming skill isn’t even close to making it myself (and I doubt Cory would be ok with it).

    The most likely situation is that Cory already has too much on his plate to look for a game developer to make and maintain a PC game.

    It possibly woudn’t make enough money to justify it either. I don’t know how popular ESW:A is or how well it sells but I’ve introduced all of my IRL friend groups to it and it has always been a huge hit.

    On Youtube, though, there aren’t really that many videos about it. Just a few reviews. Root, for expample, has many channels showing off the physical and digital versions with people uploading gameplay videos of it. I think a card game is harder to make content for, because there isn’t a board at the centre of the screen to look at, just player’s card hands.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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