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    Avatar photoKalsiq

    Hey does anyone remember or has a list of all the cards that have been sent out in the mailer so far?

    I low key want to keep them separate since it seems that they can be interchanged between games besides the ones that were specifically for gangbagers.

    Avatar photoDragonCrystal

    1 Starter w/ Familiar = Gorzo
    1 Starter w/ Familiar = Limpo
    1 Starter w/ Familiar = RG Bixby
    1 Starter w/ Familiar = Sir Rulean
    1 Starter w/ Familiar = Hex-A-Pox
    1 Starter w/ Familiar = Christmas Attack Santa
    2 Mayhem FFF Cards
    1 Last Chance Starter Cards
    1 A. Arena Alt. Art Card
    1 Uncle Andes Alt Art Card
    1 Gangbangers Gang
    1 Spell Card
    1 Treasure Card
    1 CD

    Avatar photoKalsiq

    Sweet thank you, I’ll look for the treasure and spell card and make an excel sheet and a FFF box of goodies that can be used in other games. Maybe I’ll make a separate box of just familiars and wizard cards and abilities


    Hi, are there any photos of these cards?


    Ill try to post some pics soon but in the meantime, I have videos for all the unboxing (except #10, im slacking)  http://www.youtube.com/glboxingglove


    I just posted a new Topic with pictures of all the current FFF Mailers and contents

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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