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    @cory jones first of all thanks for creating this sick twisted shit, you and your team are masterminds man! We played gangbangers two times now and we still wanna wait a few plays of it before we even try to play A2. We had like 30 or sth plays of the original A1 and its like you said you must be highly familiar with the game to be able to even play gangbangers since it brings so much flipping madness to the tables. if your not you WILL forget to play certain attacks, ongoings or even death wizard tokens that you can reveal on your turn.

    Its really hard to have a strategy in gang bangers since you are not really playing the game but YOU are GETTING played by THE GAME. i fucking love it and my group fucking loves it as well! last night we played a 3 player game with all the dead wizard tokens and the game lasted for 6 hours dude. we got fucking brain melted!

    i played with the freaky fruits and my two other friends as the cthulu kids and rockn satans.
    Cthulu kids won with a score of 41 and me and the satan player had an equal score of 21. it was pretty balanced but cthulu kids got lucky and was able to buy more legends then us. im sure in 4 players it would be even more balanced. This is the best card game ever made man! im so happy with it.

    that said, i totally forgot there are 4 additional promo cards in A2 for wizards that are in the base spell slinging games, wich i also happen to have. i immediately ran downstairs and pulled them and this made me EXTREMELY HAPPY! the madness just doesnt end hahaha!

    see you for the backing of SATANIC PANIC!

    Avatar photoatthila

    Also @cory jones i played the satans stripper pole of my friend with my Cheaky peach gang member, since this card is an ongoing and is not being played by a wild magic, does the anti magic effect still apply? kan you keep it as an ongoing or do i just simply play that card and return it to his discard pile?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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