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    This card definitely needs some clarification. The card says +1 power +2 VP for each legend you own. My friends and I got into a heated debate on whether or not this means every time you play the card you get +2 VP for each legend you own meaning that the friend in question would get 10 VP per round they play the card assuming they have 5 legends. By the end of the game they had 32 VP just from this card. I immediately thought this was insane considering the card only cost 10 power and their total VP would be 69 (nice) at the end. The other side of the argument thought it meant 2 VP for each legend at the end of the game which would be more reasonable. However, other cards in the game say “END OF GAME:” but this one doesn’t. What do you think?

    Avatar photoFred

    Its definitely end of game. VP are only calculated at the end of the game for any card. This card is powerful enough this way.

    Cory Jones

    Fred is correct
    currently no card generates VP on an ongoing basis, its all calculated at end of game…

    interesting idea tho 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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