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    Hi, Cory! I hope you’ll see it. I’m a fan from Russia who loves your game very much. I let my imagination run wild and came up with something of my own. You can see it at the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BxTYaeVWVK6Y3n3OtTj9JfFD0KCtyuah2DsFBwcmGD4/edit#gid=0

    I came up with this game to show the connection between a spell-making game and a deck-building game. This is also a annihilageddon, but with its own capabilities.

    In this game, players will travel to the most creepy locations. To go on a trip, you need to accumulate enough coins, but you can only put one coin in your turn. Coins can be bought in a coin bank (a special coin bag) or some cards will give them. But when you buy a ticket to a legendary location, do not regret that you did it. Each player or only one can be punished for being there. Some location are open only to the chosen ones, so no matter how many coins you have, you still won’t reach it. At the same time, global mayhem will be waiting for you on the way, which may appear again and again until you or someone else finally lose.

    I also want to apologize if I made a mistake somewhere when translating. I don’t know English well and communicate only through a translator. I’m still drawing a little bit, so I’ve already started drawing some pictures for this game. As soon as there is something to show, I will attach them here


    This is really interesting. How do the new keywords work? (Primal, Elemental, Illusion Arcane, Dark)

    I don’t understand the location and coin mechanic either. Please write more about this.


    I am very glad that you are interested in this. As for the symbols – Primal, Elemental, Illusion Arcane, Dark. If you’ve played a spell-crafting ESW, then you could see these symbols at the bottom left.

    Primal – heal your HP and sometimes get rid of dead wizard token
    Elemental – deal damage to the enemy, sometimes a lot of damage
    Illusion – allows you to take cards, sometimes not only from your deck
    Arcane – gives you more coins and makes them more expensive
    Dark – you get damage and great benefits. Death is your friend if you play with dark

    In this game, they participate to activate the effect of some cards or buy new legends.

    Coins are the currency for buying legends, like chips in the second part of the Annihilageddon. Legends cannot be bought for power here. Every turn you invest 1 coin or more, because some cards allow you to do this.

    A coin bank is a bag, like the one that was given in the Kickstarter to the second part of the Annihilageddon, in which there are coin tokens. Each type of coin has its own effect, which works when you put it in the legend.

    When you get a coin during the game, you close your eyes and draw a random one.


    As for the location. Locations are new legends. There can only be one location in the game. Unless, of course, there is a global mayhem that adds another location.

    Each player, each turn, puts one coin or more. Putting in the location, he collects coins in a stack in front of the wizard’s tablet. The first one who collects the right amount of coins will receive this legend, and then he, or his foes, or all at once will be punished.

    Cory Jones

    wow, I am trying to wrap my head around this… amazing!


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks, Cory! Glad you saw it. I still have some ideas. This game is the most thought, and I would like to know if it is possible to implement it? If you or other forum members have any questions, then I will be happy to answer them. At the moment, I am already working on images for this game and working on an addition GANG BANGERS 2 with legendary mayhem.</p>


    Hi, Cory! 22.11 I sent you another idea by email. I really saw this letter.

    Avatar photoArcaneMancer

    Примет! Можем зарубиться онлайн в любую из серии игр. Тоже очень люблю их.


    Hello to all ESW fans!

    I decided to tell you about my new idea here. Above you could see the previous idea. I’ve been working on what I want to show you today for much longer, since about the release of GANG BANGERS.

    I want to introduce you to the addition to ESW ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 – XTREAM NACHO LEGENDS. LEGENDAPOCALYPSE

    This is the idea of a new addition with a new end of the world, with new mayhem things, with new gangs, a bunch of legends and cats. In my opinion, this is what is needed for the end of the world.

    Now let me tell you about the innovations.

    FAMILIARS. In this addition, 5 familiars for wizards from the games of the spell crafting series are planned. – CHAMPION CHAFIA, BLOOD LORD KRAZZTAR, VALIEDICTORIA, MUCH DARKER LORD DARK LORD & ANGELICA ANGEL FACE.

    The difference between these familiars is that now they are also legends. In this regard, their cost has become more. Each familiar costs 12 power and brings you 5 VP.

    SPELL BOOKS. In addition to the 5 spell books for wizards who now have a familiar, there will be 5 more spell books for wizards who don’t have a spell book yet. Now there will be no need to think whether to play with books or without. If you have taken a wizard who does not have a book, then you can always take the book “MAGIC FOR DUMMIES”.

    ANNIHILAGEDDON PRIZE. The new prize gives a new HP recovery and defense property. The second part and GANG BANGERS were overflowing with attacks. By defeating the foe, you can slightly shorten the time until your next death.

    NEW TOKENS. In addition, 20 DEAD WIZARDS TOKENS are planned. There’s nothing new here besides new effects.

    In addition to DWT, there will also be MWT – MAYHEM WIZARDS TOKENS. There are 10 unique tokens in total, each will have two copies. As a result, there will be another 20 MWT. Their difference from dead wizards is that they have two properties at once – positive and negative. For example, you can get a legend, but you take damage equal to its cost. By the way, these tokens are not considered DWT, so if the card says “for every DWT”, then this does not apply to MWT.

    MAYHEM PARTY. This is a whole new type of cards that will help make each game unique. They can be used not only with this supplement. What are they doing?
    At the beginning of the game, you randomly determine one party that is valid for all players. Among them there are effects that help speed up the game, that give economic benefits or allow you to implement your crazy strategies. For example, one of the party opens a new line-up, in which there will be nobody’s familiars and spell books. Every wizard will be able to buy any familiar and any book that is on this line-up.

    STARTER. The new starter has also gained legendary power. Now he is also considered a legend. Like a regular starter in the addition, you replace one of the glyph with it. At the same time, the new legendary glyph gives not 1 power, but 2 power and at the end of the game brings 2 VP. In addition, there is an active effect.

    NEW GANGS. Yes, the gang war is coming back. The wizards gathered their gangs and came to wreak havoc. There will be 8 gangs in total, the leaders of which are other wizards that we already know. Especially pay attention to the “SECRET ORDER” gang. This gang infiltrates other gangs. What other gangs are there?


    NEW GANGSTERS. I also want to mention the new properties of gangsters. Now some gangsters are able not only to attack, but also to defend their leader.
    Eternal Gangsters, another new property is Eternal. Gangsters with this property do not return to the hangout if you are dead.

    LINE-UP. A new type of WANDS cards comes into play, which you can also mix with a Line-up of any part. Why are they? During the end of the world, many wizards were scared, and in this chaos they lost their wands.
    A total of 26 wands and 1 new location that works with sticks will be added. This type of cards already has its own strategies in the game, so I decided to make them even stronger.
    Three wands from this set will be unique for certain games. Two copies of CRISPY WAND for ANNIHILAGEDDON 2. This means that these wands will only play with the second part of the game. And one WAND OF BROKEN LANTERNS for gang games. This wand works if there are Gangsters in the game.

    THE LEGENDARY LINE-UP. The new type of cards comes not only in the usual line-up, but also in the legendary one.
    A total of 14 unique wand legends will be added. These legendary wands belonged to other wizards from the ANNIHILAGEDDON series.

    NEW MAYHEM. Of course, I haven’t forgotten about the new mayhem. 7 mayhem will be added to the usual line-up. And 2 more mega mayhem will be added to the legendary line-up.
    I want to mention mega mayhem. They also get a new “Eternal” effect. When you play such a mayhem, do not think to destroy it, it will need to be mixed back into the legendary stack.

    That’s it. If you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them.

    I also attach a link to the Google table, where you can read the effects of the cards I invented.


    Also made some designs. They are made in Russian, please forgive me for that. I made them in order to try them out in the game.

    Avatar photoDamoizgod

    Hey Vova,

    Both of these appear awesome. I sent you an email but I’m unsure if you received it. On the game Tabletop Simulator (TTS) of which this game is present in the form of a mod it’s possible to add your own home made expansions and mods. People have added plenty of home made expansions to the card game the binding of Isaac four souls which are then unable on TTS by other people. I’d be very interested in using these cards if you ever considered adding this content to TTS 👍

    All the best,



    I’m very glad you liked it. Thank you very much.

    This is a very interesting offer. You can see from the file that I am currently making full-fledged art for this part. So far, the process is going well.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t find the letter in the mail. Please try to send it to another email – v89667027036@gmai.com

    Avatar photoDamoizgod

    I saw the artwork, will you only be completing it in Russian?

    I sent the email to your username on this forum haha.

    If you haven’t investigated TTS then I implore you to do so 👍

    I believe all currently released content for annihilageddon and  the epic spell wars games are present on the platform.


    Haha, I’m sorry. I will definitely watch the TTS. As for the illustrations, I plan to finish this part completely. It will be in two languages: Russian and English. So far, the file contains sketches in Russian, not counting familiars and spell books. With each new art, I update it in the file already in English. Perhaps in the future there will be adjustments to effects and redrawing of some art. When all the art is ready, I plan to make a print to plan to play it with my family, as well as find the strengths and weaknesses of the game to balance them.

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