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    Was The Juice Familar ever released? I saw it back on promo images back in the day with the Annihilageddon statue, but they stated the promo wasn’t included in the purchase of it. I’m guessing Studd Spellslammer was in a previous version of ESW? Only thing I’m unsure of for this list.

    Trying to list out all the Promos for a collection / project.

    List of Promos for Cerberus:

    Horny Hank, Party Demon (Familiar)
    Lord Squeakers, Esq. (Familiar)
    Poof the Gay Cloud (Familiar)
    Saint Stinkus (Familiar)

    Retailer Kits:
    Abraca-Labrador (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Hocus Porkus (Familiar)
    Cthulhu (Alternate Art)


    Lil’ Goldo (Gang Rule Card)
    Lil’ Goldo the Dragon (Gangster)
    Bling the Dwarf (Gangster)
    Bling the Troll (Gangster)

    Papa Boner Da Voodoo King (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Biggie Black Constrictor (Familiar)

    Thai-Foon Master of Mayhem (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Mayhem Elemental (Familiar)


    Candy Commandos (Familiar)
    Hando the Living Hand (Familiar)
    Pal-Centa! Your feedbag Friend (Familiar)
    Spoiled Milk and the Terror Tots (Familiar)
    Tiny, the Pet Wizard (Familiar)

    Skog the Gnarbarian (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Gimby the Goblin Gimp (Familiar)

    Dagon the Deep Doom (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Leviathan Seed (Familiar)

    President Asshole (Oversize Wizard Card)
    The Turdlings (Familiar)

    Candy Cadaver, Your Carnal Corpse (Oversize Wizard Card)
    The Scared Stiff Club (Familiar)

    Jenny Jellybean and the Relics of Extinction (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Tomb of Nil (Familiar)
    Nil, Void God of Infinite Suffering (Familiar)

    Wix-Ar the Witch King (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Wolf Eye of Wix-Ar (Familiar)

    Agony Aunt (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Pussy the Whipped (Familiar)

    Maztar Nimbus Eternal the Dogo Daddy (Oversize Wizard Card)
    Dogo the Grim (Familiar)

    Token Sak the Weed Smokin’ Cheese Demon (Oversize Wizard Card)
    The Munchies (Familiar)

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    Where can I buy these promos in Belgium…. 😭

    Except for ESW-A2.. Because I’m a f… Backer 😂

    And I’ve buy ESW-A because I love the deck building, the cercberus system and the fun design…


    I got Horny Hank, Lord Squeakers, Poof the Gay Cloud and Saint Stinkus in the box I bought at the store. Still need to find a way to get Gangbangers somehow though.


    Found out there is a Familar card called “The Last Laugh” which was included in ESW 5.

    Hoping that the FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC FRIENDS gets some of these promos included. Studd Spellslammer, and the Juice being gencon exclusive for example just make them impossible to get now.

    Avatar photobuddylee84

    you can get Studd Spellslammer, and the Juice when you by the statue for the 1st game.

    im only missing the ones from the fifth game, the familiar it comes with not sure what though.

    i do have extra Abraca-Labrador (Oversize Wizard Card), Hocus Porkus (Familiar), Cthulhu (Alternate Art) ones i could mail out with in the US.


    Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Statue

    On the product images, it indicates that the “cards not included”, which I don’t know why they would lie about that. On their social media platforms it did show that they were released in giveaways, and for Gencon of that year.

    Avatar photoDoomFace

    Although the statue product description states it does not include Studd or the Juice foil cards, Corey has stated that it IS supposed to. I bought mine a couple years back and they were not included, but Corey sent me a pack to make up for it. He did that for several others in the same situation during the ESW:A2 campaign. It seems there has been some miscommunication at Cryptozoic, but Corey is sorting it out for those who can confirm purchase of the statue through their site. Hope that helps!

    Avatar photoRhonlore

    I went through everything and I totaled up 43 playable wizards with Familiars for ESWA! That includes all the known upcoming promos and releases with ESWA2 and ESWAGB.

    If you would like to see my work let me know and I’ll make a pretty picture with the names and the source of the promos.


    I’d like to see them. Can you share a google drive link or something?

    Avatar photoRhonlore

    Jenny Jellybean is listed twice so it’s actually only 42. Every time I include a link to my google drive the post dies even when editing so the photo will have to do.

    Avatar photoBoshea

    Thanks for putting this together. Was looking into the promo content for ESWA and always good to have a sanity check.


    Can somebody take a good photo of:

    – The last laugh

    – Hocus porcus

    – The Juice


    Here’s the last laugh!




    I also found these! Hope it’s good enough quality!

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