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    Some of cards promised in future mailers include new starters, Gang Bangers,  and Legends. Is the intent of this card allowing you to gain any of these type of cards, or strictly just other familiar cards?

    Gang Bangers, for example would seem a bit off if you’re not playing with the expansion, and doesn’t seem like anything would stop you from gaining their rule card with how Membership Card reads. So would gaining the rule card for this mailer exclusive gang, grant me access to the full gang to use for the rest of the game?

    It also brings up the question if I could steal a card from a foe, if they happen to have an exclusive mailer card. Such as buying a mailer exclusive legend during the game, or they picked a Promo character from a mailer and have their exclusive familiar, etc.


    I’m also curious about this, I feel like this just becomes outright broken if you can pull cards from outside the game so long as they were in mailers you got. Especially if you were the lucky winner of one of those uncut card sheets and chose to cut them for some reason

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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