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    Hello my name is Mercy, but I often go by Ive Flora. I’m enquiring to confirm whether or not community made content is allowed by Cryptozoic Entertainment?

    1) I assume we can’t use official symbols from the game. But may you let me know if I am wrong about this as it helps readability, if we can?

    2) I don’t intend to make them as commercial products.

    3) Is it okay to release my fan content projects as free print and play files?

    4) May I have confirmation whether I can or can’t post my fan content in a dedicated thread, over on the Board Game Geek forums and anywhere else that requires the same expressed permission?

    Thank you for any details you can share on this topic, as I’m really excited to share some fanart in the future!

    Sincerely, Mercy (Ive Flora)


    My other questions will be made in a separate post as they are less related.


    Actually my question was answered by a member of Cryptozoic and the result was an affirmation for making and posting fan content, except I hadn’t yet asked them about using the symbols.


    sorry I don’t know where to turn to with this topic… But I’ve tried everywhere and haven’t gotten an answer until now… I didn’t get an invite for the currently open pleadge manager… Does anyone know where to turn…?

    Thanks for any form of help!


    Hey Mercy!
    I am also a fan who invents his content around the universe ESW.

    Can you tell me where I can see your work?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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