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    Hi everybody. Does anyone have scans of all the cards and tablets of the heroes, preferably in good quality, which they received from the FFF mailing list and from Kickstarter for the second part of Annihilageddon. Please send it if you havešŸ™


    Not sure that Cory would be all that cool with what you’re asking for.



    Also, and I know I have been saying this for awhile, but we will sell some bundles of the FFF season 1 (I think we have about 50 left). We will actually have 2 versions: one with the all the actual mailers (including the gifts) and one that is just the cards and game stuff (we have a few hundred of those). Clearly, I will charge an outrageous price to insure the FFF members feel vindicated for getting it on the KS. Hahahahaā€¦

    FWIW, it appears that there may be an opportunity to get the actual cards direct from Cryptozoic in the near term. Above is from most recent Wiz-Log post.


    Yes, I have heard about sales that are planned in the near future. Unfortunately, I live in Russia, and I can’t even imagine how you can buy them. I really want to collect the entire collection of cards to play the game to the fullest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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