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    Link to my unboxing video for the new Spellbook storage box and the new Spellbooks.
    I also show all the familiars that go with the Wizard Champions and their spellbooks to show how they work together.

    Avatar photoRhonlore

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve added the new spellbooks and Cory to my ESW:A Familiars tracking sheet.

    docs [.] google [.] com/spreadsheets/d/1sjN9Duxvxj791OsniJYzWIVddJbdEIrPvzi-LQJhug0/edit#gid=0


    I always follow the latest ESW, I was the first to watch this review)))


    Localization of this set in my country, if it appears, then only in a year. It’s so sad, you have to do the translation yourself on your own based on the materials that Cory exposed, or from what he found on the Internet

    Cory Jones

    Awesome video! thank you so much!!
    I will call it out in the friday update 🙂

    seriously I appreciate you making content for our little family

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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