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    I have been holding a monthly tournament at my house for the last few months and I was curious if anyone on here has participated in the GenCon tournaments in the past. How are the rules augmented if at all? Is there a game time limit? Any insight into tournament structure is appreciated.

    Avatar photorhombusleech

    Hey Fred! Last year’s Champion here. I’ve competed several years. There may have been a couple games where they reduced the number of dead wizard tokens by 1 per player because they were running behind schedule, but typically there are no changes at all to the rules.

    For the format they have several qualifying rounds Thurs-Sat where they run multiple 4 player games simultaneously in a two round format. The winners of the first round then play against each other in the second round. Then, if I remember correctly, the top two in that final game are invited to the Championship on Sunday. The Championship follows a similar format.

    As far as time limits – the qualifying rounds are scheduled for 2 hours and the Championship is scheduled for 3 hours, but they don’t set a clock or anything. Those times are more of a Gen Con scheduling thing.

    Oh, and we did not use the Nacho Menu because it is designed to be used when you mix multiple Annihilageddon sets together, and we were only using Annihilageddon 2.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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