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    Has anyone been lucky enough to snag one of the elusive stamps that can be traded in for a uncircumcised sheet yet? I haven’t seen anyone talking about getting one, or even seen anyone selling them on the electronic bay.

    I know its only 2 per mailer, and there is only a handful of us badass wizards on here, but the thought of someone getting the stamp, and not knowing its the key to getting one of the sexy uncircumcised sheets from Cory just gives me the chills.

    And since it worked with the stamped cards it may also work here (fingers crossed);

    If I ask you to please send me one of those stamped cards uncircumcised sheets, would you send it to me?

    The wizlog detailing the sheets, in case anyone forgot what I’m talking about: https://epicspellwars.com/264080-2/

    Master Ed77


    I too ask you to please send Stonesaber a nice sheet.



    Avatar photoRhonlore

    Fortunately the post also explains that the card will have details on how to redeem them.



    in my case the latest xmas mailer has been opened by the post so who knows if stuff has gone missing from it. 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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