Writing an update every Friday is hard. The hard part is the “EVERY” Friday part. I did this A LOT with a game called HEX and it was a ton of fun but also as I said, HARD. I think what made it hard was being too precious about it. I would agonize over it since I wanted each update to be perfect and funnier than the last update. The problem is the longer it goes, the more difficult it becomes.

So, in the spirit of a NEW way of doing this… I will write whatever the fuck is in my head and call it a day. Will it be good? Who knows… probably not, but maybe occasionally? Some will be short, some will be long, some may even have pictures. Actually, most will probably have pictures. (I have so much rad art in the rough stage of the process that no one ever sees, it’s a total crime… Bixby pencils are MIND-BLOWING.)

Look at these rad pencils (these are for a secret upcoming ESW game).

Well, like I said, short…

So that’s it… welcome to the website! I have wanted a place for ESW fans to congregate, communicate, and swap dick picks with me (and each other) for a long time, so this is making me VERY happy. As I said, I will try and update every Friday, and I will be in the forums. Next Friday’s update will be about the Kickstarter and the fan club (with some info about timing).

Love, Cory