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    Cory Jones

    Sorry guys, as you can imagine we are dealing with alot right now 🙁

    Mailer 11 went out today!

    it has 2 Boss Legends, the last one is actually a Champion Wizard and Familiar!


    Fan-Fucking-Tasitc Friends Year 1: Mailer #11

    These beauties just arrived today 🙂

    (That’s a fancy foil printed sticker of the upcoming spellbook box cover art so even if you just got the Kickstarter flat pack add-on version of the spellbook set you can still enjoy some of it’s fancy box art)


    Got mine


    awesome! thanks for updating guys. I just got mine today and was about to take pics.  Yay teamwork!

    Mr P

    I’ve just received mine in Spain WITHOUT TAXES COST!!!

    I suppose that it is because the label of the envelope this time comes without any price… That is the way.

    Avatar photoTheKGBspy

    humm still havennt received mine. I usually receive them 1 month after being shipped.


    Imma wait one more week and see. If there is nothing I just have to mail Cory, right?


    Reach out to Cory or Malcolm (odds are Cory will tell you to contact Malcolm anyways since he is the logistics lord)

    Cory Jones

    Sorry, a batch of 11 didn’t go out, they are going out this week
    AND 12 is also going out this week…

    Master Ed77

    So are the packages with the bundled letters for the international wizards  going out this week to?

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    Cory Jones

    hey Master ED
    I am guessing next week

    Avatar photoBoshea

    Was just going to check if anyone else was having issues with 11. Guess I’ll see what happens the next few weeks before I send any emails.

    Master Ed77

    Hi Cory,

    thanks for the answer, so excited to finally get all the goods.

    Avatar photoDamoizgod


    I’ve read twice now that the mailer packs will be getting a limited release on the website. Is there an ETA on when this will happen or a method making sure we can sign up for a notification when they are released so that we don’t miss it?

    I unfortunately found epic spell wars far too late and wasn’t in to board gaming as much back when annihilageddon 2 was released.

    No chance I’ll miss any future content though haha.




    Mailer #12  those are buttons, if you can’t tell.
    and @Cory  you need to finish whatever project you had started with those kids. It already looks awesome (or make them all new champions for ESW 7: Wild Scouts)

    Avatar photoRhonlore

    Oh that’s cool! I really need to take a moment and verify that I did in fact get mailer 11…

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 45 total)
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